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Team spirit and the accomplishing of common goals have been our driving force ever since our early football days. We know the merits of a well-executed build-up from the back, the exemplary organization of the midfield and a perfectly timed launch of the forwards. The formation and coaching of successful units are in our DNA.

As independent catalyzers of talent and consultants for brands, Capitano has decades’ worth of experience in fostering artists and emotionalizing corporate identities. We advance careers with our expertise and experience: from the practice room to the arena, from the training ground to the stadium.


Capitano Talent Journey

Capitano supports the long-term and sustainable development of talent in music and entertainment. We apply a holistic approach to the careers of our clients.


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Capitano Brand Journey

Designing and executing a brand strategy with musicians and artists can be challenging. The music business is a complex construct of rights holders, service catalogs, labels, publishing rights, technical riders, and competition clauses. Capitano has over 30 years of experience in dealing with all stakeholders.

All-encompassing entertainment strategies are our core competence. We represent successful music programs for brands such as Coca-Cola, Bacardi, Sunrise, and 20 Minuten.

“Reto, with his excellent network and vast industry expertise, was extremely valuable in the planning and realization of our award-winning Galaxus Christmas campaign. His practical hands-on mentality and collegial approach to talent and clients contribute to getting projects off the ground quickly and smoothly.”

Martin Walthert, Advertising Executive of the Year 2020 and Chief Marketing Officer of Digitec Galaxus AG
“In addition to his impressive qualities as a business partner, I appreciate Reto’s approach to always finding the best solutions in our partnership. He’s not only the consummate professional, but also a highly esteemed person. I already look forward to executing more projects with him.”

Philipp Musshafen, CEO Hallenstadion Zürich
“Reto has been handling all music programs at Coca-Cola Switzerland since 2004 as a music consultant and project manager. This includes, among others, the MyCokeMusic Soundcheck, the most renowned music competition for young talent in Switzerland.”
“I admire how Reto successfully masters projects with professionalism and passion, and I appreciate his pleasant manner throughout our long-standing collaboration. I look forward to continuing to count on Reto’s creative and excellent work.”

Stefan Rothenbühler, Senior Brand Manager Coca-Cola™
“Music plays a big role in our work. Reto is our first point of contact when it comes to consulting, networking, and coordination. I value our always enjoyable collaboration.”

Daniel Zuberbühler, Founder of SirMary, Digital Agency of the Year 2019 DACH
“I’ve been working with Reto for 25 years now. I appreciate his wealth of experience in the music business and his professionalism, reliability, and honesty. More importantly, I’ve gained a good friend in the many years of our close cooperation. Capitano – the name speaks for itself!”

Alfonso Siegrist, Partner and Management of Mascotte, Plaza, Kasheme, Mata Hari, Smith & Smith, Smith and de Luma, The European Queen of Burlesque, Dig it!

Music Licensing

in collaboration with Gadget Records

Do you need the ideal song for your TV commercial or digital platform? We take care of all legal and licensing issues regarding the use of songs for advertising campaigns, online trailers, videogames, film soundtracks and digital content.

Having our own music publishing company allows us to market approx. 1,000 titles of every style and genre. From indie acts like Ikan Hyu and Benjamin Amaru to the biggest Swiss chart-toppers like Pegasus, 77 Bombay Street, Baschi, Stress, Joya Marleen, Klischée, Hecht and Lovebugs: we guarantee all your clearing and licensing needs within 48 hours.

"Reto was an essential part of the success of our Band 77 Bombay Street. With his many years of experience, he was able to give us valuable input in all areas. In particular, his commitment and network were instrumental in realising our full potential and advancing our career quickly and successfully. "

Matt / 77 Bombay Street, Singer
“Reto has been accompanying me ever since I took my first steps in the world of music. His expertise and pragmatic approach made me a successful artist and helped me become a real man.”

Baschi, Singer/Songwriter
“Reto plays a very important role in my career when it comes to collaborations with brands and legal issues. Not to mention his great looks and knowledge of music.”

Stress, Rap Artist
"Reto has always supported us actively from the first demo to the Hallenstadion gig. He has many skills, but his gut feeling for songs, bands, videos, and concerts is unbeatable and makes him one of Hecht's most important companions."

Stefan Buck, Hecht


Coca-Cola Resolution Kampagne 2021 X Stefanie Heinzmann, Stress, Baschi
Galaxus Christmas Kampagne 2019/2020 X Carlos Leal, Stefanie Heinzmann, Baschi, Fabienne Louves
X-Box Microsoft Launch Kampagne X Clawfinger «Confrontation »
CSI New York TV Serie X Clawfinger «Life Will Kill You»
Super Bowl TV Trailer für ESPN USA X Clawfinger «Biggest And The Best»
Coop TV Kampagne für Nachhaltigkeit X Stress «On a q’une terre»
VW Blue Motion Kampagne X Stress «Horizon»
Sky TV UK «Both Sides» Trailer für EM Qualifikationskampagne England



Reto Lazzarotto

Founder and Captain of Capitano Music
Even at a junior level, Reto demonstrated leadership qualities on the football field as a sweeper and captain of his team. Music and concerts, however, became his great passion. Beginning as a teenager, he accompanied his friends in bands with clever names such as The Avengers, Tasteful Thieves or Run For Fun to their first gigs. Reto also spent a good portion of his spare time in record stores. At the young age of 22, he made music his profession.

As founder and Managing Partner of Gadget Records and Marketing Director of Warner Music Switzerland, Reto has dedicated the last three decades to musicians and the advancement of their careers. At Warner Music, he and his team were responsible for the marketing of heavyweights such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, AC/DC, Phil Collins, Prince, Simply Red, Madonna and REM in Switzerland. From 2004 he and his team at Gadget managed the careers of many successful Swiss artists including Stress, Baschi, Hecht and 77 Bombay Street. He continues to focus on young talent from the worlds of music and entertainment with his talented team and large network at Capitano.

Gian Rosen

Project manager and winger at Capitano Music
As a young football player, Gian was often forced to change positions. Sometimes his coaches played him on the wing, sometimes in central defence, so he was able to prove his flexibility at a young age.

He dived into the world of music aged 17 as the drummer for the band MESSINA, and tested new video formats for 20min at all the major Swiss festivals. As part of the label team at the Lauter Collective, Gian is responsible for Laurent & Max, Waverer and Neil.9. He’s also at the forefront of organisation for both the Lauter Festival and the Band-It Newcomer Festival. He’s played stages all around the world with Benjamin Amaru, and he also enjoys DJ-ing.

Gian lives his life according to the motto ‘Make your passion your profession’. He always brings plenty of energy to the table, and his calm is unshakeable. He is the youngest member of the Capitano team.

Fiona Tischhauser

Multimedia producer/manager and goalie at Capitano Music
Football just brings back memories of broken noses for her. She preferred to channel her competitive spirit into skiing and martial arts as a kid. But life wasn’t always a fight: art, design and music also played a central role in her childhood. She started dancing when she was still in nappies, whenever Destiny’s Child came on the radio. At age five, she started playing the violin, and at eight, she switched to flamenco guitar – an instrument that still has the power to transport her to other worlds.

Following a design-focused baccalaureate, she undertook first an internship in multimedia, then a degree as a multimedia engineer. While she was still in her final semester, she began working with Reto Lazzarotto during the founding of Capitano Music. She joined the company right after completing her degree, in summer 2020.

She has an incredibly diverse range of interests and loves it when things are different, new – and sometimes provocative. While she prefers to play at the back of the pitch, away from the limelight, she’s always ready to make a spectacular tackle if the occasion calls for it.


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